We Need Your Support

Limen Recovery + Wellness would not exist without the generous support of donors. There are multiple ways you can donate your time, talent and treasure and advance the Limen Recovery + Wellness mission: Offer a threshold to recovery and break the cycle of addiction, in service to our community.

The vision is clear: Return thousands of men and women to their families and communities, well equipped for long-term sobriety and purposeful living. With your help, Limen Recovery + Wellness can continue to do this, at no cost to the men and women who need our help. These are men and women who want RECOVERY, HOPE, LOVE, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS and most of all, another CHANCE. You can give this to them through:

  • Annual Campaign: Cash contributions (including check or credit card), made one-time or recurring, allow for no-cost, individualized care to men and women, provide program development and help to develop staff and other resources needed to move the Limen Recovery + Wellness mission forward.

  • Fundraising Events: Participate in and/or Sponsor any of our annual events throughout the year. Annual 5k Run/Walk, Golf Outing, Breakfast and more! Participation and/or Sponsorship benefit the Limen Recovery + Wellness program, and continue to make no-cost care available.
    To volunteer at one of our fundraisers, contact Mike Duffy.
  • Bequests: Contribute to Limen Recovery + Wellness after your lifetime! Name Limen Recovery + Wellness in your Will or Living Trust and donate all, a dollar amount, or percentage of the revenue.

  • Gifts of Stock or Other Securities: Contribute shares of stock or other securities and avoid capital gains at sale.

  • Alumni Giving: Alumni recognize someone once paid their way to a new life and that the rebuilding of that life began with the life-saving opportunity provided for them at Limen Recovery + Wellness. The alumni duty is to give back and/or pay-it-forward - whether time, talent or treasure. Contributions of $10, $20, $50 or more are JUST AS IMPORTANT as larger gifts.

  • Donate Online: Click here to make your donation online, or call (302-655-1153, or e-mail info@limende.org.

  • Non-Cash Donations: Limen Recovery + Wellness also accepts donations of clothing, furniture and other household items. Check out our Wish List to find items we need the most. To arrange for pickup of small items, please call 302-655-1153 or e-mail info@limende.org. A tax receipt will be provided for all contributions. (Larger items, such as furniture and appliances, cannot be picked up. Please call to arrange drop-off.)

  • Join the Board of Directors: Contact Mike Duffy for more information.