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Mike Webster, Director of Advancement
Limen Recovery + Wellness

New Roof for Limen’s Women’s House

New Roof

Wilmington, Delaware: Limen Recovery + Wellness, celebrates the successful completion of the roof and pavement renovation to their Bayard Boulevard Women’s house, after being inspected by Courtland Foos of Foos Construction and Michael Duffy, executive director of Limen Recovery + Wellness. This renovation keeps the triangle neighborhood appealing and vibrant while providing a recovery home for women to heal. Limen purchased it in 2014 to expand its services for women, this house is how the center point for the women’s program. “…it’s no secret we’re expanding but it’s important to steward our current operations as we grow, we are grateful for the investment of Longwood Foundation for meeting the needs of Limen to support women in recovery” Michael Duffy, Executive Director.

Our mission is to give people a real shot at recovery, that’s all. This kind of investment allows us to provide a safe place for women to recover in the years to come” Mike Duffy, Executive Director. Limen Recovery + Wellness is a 501(c)(3) organization specializing in the continuum of recovery services and mental health providers. Limen Recovery + Wellness operates four separate recovery houses and an outpatient service. Both our residences and outpatient successes rely on the continual integration of best practices and mission-driven compassionate care for those struggling with addiction and mental illness.

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