Sober Living

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The Limen Recovery + Wellness Program

Limen Recovery + Wellness provides sober living for chemically dependent men and women. We help them develop personal responsibility and prepare them to return to society as productive and contributing members. We develop unique recovery goals for each resident based on their specific needs. Our program for long-term recovery includes the following

Potential Limen Recovery + Wellness residents:
  1. Our holistic framework follows a 12-step recovery model which includes housing, individual and group counseling, food, life skills training, educational opportunities, financial literacy training, access to job training and placement, access to medical insurance, parenting classes, peer support and help in securing a safe living environment as they continue their recovery.
  2. Attending 12 Step programs (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous), 12 Step Study groups, lectures on Relapse Prevention, Peer Support groups, and other recovery-related activities.
  3. Learning tools to maintain abstinence, manage money, cope with stress and anger, develop and implement a self-care plan, develop a sober support network, obtain employment supportive of recovery, maintain a savings account with a positive balance at time of discharge and secure safe housing.
  4. Residents are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the House. Residents can be asked to leave for rule violations or behavior problems. Use of drugs or alcohol is cause for immediate dismissal.
  5. Residents are required to keep their living areas clean and participate with other residents on chores to keep the House functioning.

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