Limen Recovery + Wellness Referals

Outpatient Counseling

Limen Recovery + Wellness provides affordable counseling to individuals and families who are affected by addiction and mental health disorders. Our licensed counselors (link to staff page) are experienced in clinical and 12-step processes which aid in the accurate evaluation of a client’s issues, and the subsequent development of a treatment and relapse prevention plan. Regular counseling sessions foster a healthy relationship with our clients and encourage progress towards their treatment goals. Counselors at Limen Recovery + Wellness focus on the substance and underlying cause of addiction. Childhood trauma, unhealthy relationships, and lack of support system can all contribute to the addict’s seeming inability to cope with life on life’s terms. Our clinicians provide an objective assessment of these events and teach techniques to deal with similar ones when they arise. Counseling is offered five days a week with daytime and evening appointments available.